Tuesday, 15 April 2014

@TrappedAtMyDesk: Woman Dying Of Brain Cancer Tells Life Story On Twitter

What would you do if you know that you have 3 months to live?

A twitter user name Amanda was shocked when the doctor told her that she had a brain cancer and only have 3 months to live.

A blogger Shannon McKarney publish a four-minute tribute video after across Amanda's Twitter(TrappedAtMyDesk). The video contain pieces of Amanda's tweet that documented her last few months of life, that touching people all over the world.

On 18 January, Amanda told that she suffered from advanced giloblastoma multiforme and only have 3 months to live. No further wait, she quit his job and four days later travel to Cuba and Central America for two months

On 26 March, she tweets that she call her mother after 5 years of not talking to each other.
She also tweet saying she wanted to go to the hospital for the last time. At the end of the note, Amanda reminded that anyone who reads her tweets to be good to each another.

There were no news from Amanda
Until 15 April, Amanda's brother James, tells that her little sister Amanda have passed away.

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