Saturday, 19 April 2014

Overtoun Bridge : The Dog Suicide Bridge

Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge is a stone bridge close to Milton Bridge Clyde on the grounds of Overtoun House, which is stunning Scottish Baronial estate house. The Bridge, contain strange mystery where some of the dogs that walks the area with their owners leap off the bridge to their deaths with no reasons.Witnesses claims - the dog actually climbing the parapet wall before making the Jump.

It was reported that as many as one dog a month had been jumping off the bridge for the last 50 years. The dogs mainly jump from the same spot, on the right hand side of the bridge, between the final two parapets. Even stranger are the reports of dogs surviving their brush with death, only to return to the bridge for a second attempt.

A dog jumped off the bridge

Veterinarians and animal experts have pointed out that a dog, overly excited at the smell of the minks and unable to see over the sides of the bridge, might leap over the side on impulse not realizing that they are on a bridge at all. However this phenomenon were debated for years without any scientific explanation of this oddity.
Overtoun House

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