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Nikola Tesla Missing File

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Nikola Tesla was the famous greatest genius in the 20th century. He was born in July of 1856 in Croatia.He came to the United States in 1884, and briefly worked with Thomas Edison before the two parted ways. He sold several patent rights, including those to his alternating-current machinery, to George Westinghouse. His 1891 invention, the "Tesla coil, "is still used in radio technology today. He invented many famous and influential works such as Rotating Magnetic Field ,Ac Motor,alternating currents and Radio. He also  claimed to invented the death ray which he called teleforce that could kill pigeons from four miles away and could kill a mouse enclosed in a "thick walled metal chamber"

In 1943, Nikola Tesla were found died alone in Room 3327 of New Yorker Hotel after two days prior to his death. Assistant medical examiner, H.W. Wembly ruled the cause of death is coronary thrombosis and that there had been no suspicious circumstance.

Tesla's Missing Papers

After Nikola Tesla died, there were a scramble by the United States government to find his papers, notes and research before other foreign powers could find them. Tesla's nephew, Sava Kosanovic, reported that before the OAP had arrived, someone else had obviously gone through Tesla's belongings and took an unknown amount of personal notes and papers including his black notebook - a notebook with several hundred pages, some which were marked "Government"

Nicola Tesla's Death Ray
There were about 6 missing papers. One of the most controversial papers contained scientific data and information about "Death Rays", which could be used for military purpose. Some were concerned that Tesla's papers might fall into the hand of the Axis powers or the Soviets.

It was known by the FBI that German intelligence had already spirited away a sizable amount of Tesla's research several years before his death. The United States was going to make sure that this would not happen again Anything even remotely associated with the great man was quickly confiscated  and lost within the secret networks of pre-World War II America.

Nevertheless, more than a dozen  of Tesla's belongings  left behind at hotels like the Waldorf Astoria, the Governor Clinton Hotel and the St. Regis had already been sold to salvages to pay off Tesla's outstanding bills.

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