Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Unexplained Disappearance with Bizarre Clues #1 : Teresa Butler

Teresa Butler
January 25, 2006, the husband 35-year old Teresa Butler returned to his home in Risco, Missouri after working the night shift and discovered that his wife was missing and their young sons were home alone. Her jeep was still at the house and there were no sign of struggle or forced entry, but her kids could not shed any light on what happened to her. Teresa's purse and cellular phone were missing , as were a lot of other valuable items from the house, such as a Playstation, video camera and car stereo. However ,her wedding rings and jacket were left behind.

Things got even more bizarred when authorities discovered that two calls had been made from Teresa's cell phone shortly after she disappeared to numbers at two different towns in Missouri. The person at the first number never answered the phone, while the second did answer and claimed they heard nothing on the line. Nether of these people had ever heard of Teresa Butler and don't have any information about her disappearance. Seven years later, there are still no answers in this baffling case and no trace of Teresa has ever found.

Teresa's disappearance is considered suspicious, as she has no history of instability or of leaving without warning, and it would be uncharacteristic of her to leave her children unattended. Her husband has been ruled out as a suspect in her case. Teresa was employed in the photo department of War-Mart in Dexter, Missouri at teh time of her disappearance, and was scheduled to work at noon on the day she went missing, but never showed up. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance.

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