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The Zodiaz letters : Zodiac Killer Secret Code

The Zodiac letters are a series of four encrypted messages believed to have been written by the famous Zodiac Killer, a serial killer who terroriezed residents of the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The letters were likely written as a way to taunt journalists and police, and though one of the messages has been deciphered, the three others remain uncracked.

The identity of the Zodiac Killer also remains a mystery, though no Zodiac murders have been identified since 1970.

November 29th 1966
Titled "The Confession", the byline was reported followed by 12 or 19 underscores. Printed on a Royal Typewriter, a fingerprint was lifted from the envelope. It is still disputed whether it is the work of the killer.

December 1966
Found carved into a desk at the Riverside City College Library, not known to be the work of the killer, though it is largely assumed to be.

July 31st 1969
Sent to the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner and Vallejo Times, the cipher was eventually cracked by a highschool teacher who read it in the papers. Although his next letter said this cipher contained his name, it actually included the phrase "I will not give you my name".

April 20th 1970
(claims 10 victims) Sent to the San Francisco Chronicle, it claimed to contain a cipher containing the murderer's name, though it was never solved. (The 'blue meannies' (sic) mentioned in the letter is a reference to the blue meanies, the antagonists from the Beatles' animated theatrical film Yellow Submarine, which was released the year before.)

April 28th 1970
Sent to the San Francisco Chronicle, the greeting card was printed by "Jolly Roger Cards", and was a pun on the inability to catch him

I hope you enjoy your selves when I have my Blast.

P.S. on back
On back
If you don't want me to have this blast you must do two things. 1 Tell everyone about the bus bomb with all the details. 2 I would like to see some nice Zodiac butons wandering about town. Every one else has these buttons like, Peace symbol.svg, black power, Melvin eats bluber, etc. Well it would cheer me up considerably if I saw a lot of people wearing my buton. Please no nasty ones like Melvin's
Thank you

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