Monday, 17 March 2014

Uganda Mass Suicide Cult : Ten Commandments of God

March 17, 2000 : more than 500 people, including children followers of the Uganda new religious Movement Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God (RTCG) were intentionally set fire, it was labelled the second-worst mass suicide on record, after Jonestown. The movement was founded in 1994 by former prostitute Credonia Mwerinde. Mwerinda and Kibwetere are believed to have fled the Kanungu coumpund before it was destryed by fire

Credonia Mwerinde
According to the NYT, the movement held a huge party at Kanungu, and reasted three bulls adn drank 70 crates of soft drinks. On the seventeenth, group members arrived at their church in Kanangu to pray and sing, minutes later nearby villagers heard an explosion, and the building was gutted in an intense fire that killed all 530 in attendance, including dozens of children. The windows and doors of the building had been boarded up.

Several days before Movement leader Dominic Kataribabo was seen buying 50 liters of sulfuric acid, which may have started the fire.Police have speculated that the Movement's leaders were systematically killing off members in the months leading up to the deadly blaze. Some investigators believe that members of the cult were killed for expressing their disbelief or for requesting that the possessions they surrendered upon joining the cult be returned to them.

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